Published on February 15th, 2020 | by David Jackson


3 Hurdles That Get In the Way of Business Success

Everyone knows that the purpose of the business is to make money. But unfortunately, most small businesses fail. And it is almost always because people run into the same roadblocks and hurdles. These are not unknown issues. The more preparation you do ahead of time concerning these obstacles, the more likely you are to succeed. That’s why historical research is so essential!

So, if you intend to succeed in your business idea, what are some of these hurdles that you need to know about? The first one is concerning shipping your products. The second is making sure that your original business plan is as good as possible as you continue down your professional pathway. And the third is thinking about when you will need to scale up and if you have the infrastructure to do so efficiently as the opportunity presents itself. Go through each of those concepts one by one.


Start with the idea of shipping. If you don’t have the infrastructure to handle inventory, how is your business ever going to succeed? That’s why you should use third-party logistics services when it comes to shipping and warehousing. You don’t have to re-create your own infrastructure to test the waters of a small business production line. All you have to do is talk to a consultant who can tell you what best practices are, and then you enter an agreement with them to do the heavy lifting. It’s a win for everyone!

The Original Plan

Second, how well do you think you handled your original business plan creation? Some people take a few hours to try to fill out all of the parts and call it good. But a good business plan can take months to put together, and you have to continually adjust as you work through your business timeline so that everything stays up-to-date. 

If you aren’t willing to take the time to update your plans, that will eventually come back to bite you. Appropriately working through a business plan over time creates a much better chance for success, then if you just set it and forget it and don’t change with changing circumstances.

Inability To Scale When Needed

The last concept to think about is that if you want to have a successful business, it has to be built to scale. In other words, if you get a big order of your product or service, do you have a plan in place to expand your operations? Say you have that budding security company, and the event of a lifetime comes knocking, do you have what it takes to execute? Would you have the perfect security layout to satisfy your clients, this is inclusive of decent security gadgets, alarm and surveillance systems, fittest staff with the highest level of professionalism, and guns like AR-10 rifles, and go the whole nine yards required? These are necessary scale-up appraisals for every business.

Many businesses fail because they don’t know how to scale up when they succeed past a certain point. It is one of the harsh realities of the business world. You have to know when to expand and contract so that supply, demand, and infrastructure all meet together reasonably.

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