Entrepreneurs 4 Tips For Returning To Work After COVID

Published on October 18th, 2021 | by David Jackson


4 Tips For Returning To Work After COVID

Many of us have returned to work after a long stretch of lockdowns due to the pandemic.  A lot of people are thrilled to get back to work and eager to return to some form of normalcy. However, there are others who may be uncertain about how safe it truly is to return back into the world. Whether you’re returning to the same job that you worked prior to being furloughed, or you’re starting a new job altogether, here are some of the best tips for going back to work post-COVID-19.

Be Vigilant

Just because the government has deemed it safe to go back to work doesn’t mean that there aren’t still risks involved. Make sure that you stay safe by following safety precautions like washing your hands regularly, and making sure that you wear a mask when necessary. Practice safe social distancing, and if you notice you have any symptoms, make sure that you stay home from work until you’re tested. The Delta variant is still at large and highly contagious, so stay aware of how this will impact your safety action plan.

Give Yourself a Period of Adjustment

After staying home for so long, it may feel bizarre being around other people again. If it takes some adjusting to get used to your circumstances again, then know that this is perfectly normal.  Give yourself some time to get used to being back at work in a social environment again. Try not to give yourself too much anxiety or rush yourself into things. If you have the option of part-time work at home, then you may want to consider it until you’ve completely transitioned back into working in the office again.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

There’s so much information coming at you on a daily basis about the risks of the pandemic. Don’t forget to practice self-care so that you can handle the pressure of it all. Sometimes that means turning off the news and muting all of the noise. If you start to feel incredibly stressed, don’t be afraid to take a break. Walk around the block if you need to, or do some deep breathing.  There are all sorts of resources out there to help you navigate your mental health and practice self-care.

Communicate With Fellow Staff

It can be a strange transition going from working at home to working together again in the office. The best way to overcome any challenges that arise during the transition is by communicating with all of your staff members. Staying on the same page means being willing to listen to your fellow team members’ points of view, and making changes where needed. Above all, make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to any COVID protocols. The only way to keep each other safe is by making sure that everyone is clear about safety precautions.

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