Published on March 18th, 2022 | by David Jackson


5 Reasons Why You Need Press For Your Real Estate Business

Are you looking to promote your real estate business, improve your visibility, establish yourself as an authority in the industry, get publicity and scale your business? It would help if you leveraged on the media. 

Logan Lindstrum is a mortgage influencer guru who has been helping his realtor partners build up their brands and their media and marketing. He has been on the American Dream TV show on CNBC, the Travel channel, and Boomer Fox Business. He has been able to invite realtors there, and he has been able to showcase their businesses and help them leverage the media. 

Here are five benefits of why you need the press.


  • It Is The Most Effective Method For Promotion


Your real estate business needs a promotion strategy. This step will help you be set apart from your competition. Additionally, it will create a focused marketing approach and bring you more excellent value. Press will cover a larger audience. However, you need to ensure that your story or information is worth selling.


  • Improve Your Visibility


The press can spread the word about what you do. It can help you be known not only locally but also internationally. You will connect to new customers who wouldn’t have known you existed. The more people out there see your content, the more you stand a better chance of increasing your leads. 

So whether your company is a startup or old, sharing your plans with your customers through the press will establish your trust with them. Always make them know who you are and what you do. Logan will host you on a national TV show to help you build the American dream and increase your visibility.  


  • Establish Yourself As An Authority


Every client wants to work with a credible and trusted professional in real estate. Therefore, it would help establish yourself as an expert in the field. Standing out as credible will get you more clients since the people you serve will recommend you to their friends. You will also be able to develop good media relations. Standing out as an authority will always put you a step ahead of your competitors. 


  • Increased Sales


Did you know that the press can bring you publicity that can help you increase your sales? As you put your company in front of potential customers, your products get exposed to a wider net of customers. The more people get to know about your real estate business, the better it is for you. Therefore, always come up with something touchy that your customers can relate to.


  • Scaling Your Business


Through maximizing on the press, Logan has been able to help over 300 families get into a home. In 2021, he closed over 30 million residential home loans in Wisconsin. His business continues to expand as he continues to get more press. 

Leveraging the press will help increase your leads as many people know what you are offering. And when you do it consistently, you build your credibility and trust with your clients. 

For more benefits on why you need a press for your real estate business, you can connect to Logan on; linkedin, Facebook  and Twitter

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