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7 Ways to Fix a Car Key Which Doesn’t Work in Ignition

Anyone who owns a car understands how tough it gets if your car key is stuck inside the ignition. There can be multiple reasons why the key gets stuck. For instance, you might have a really old key or your car might need lubrication. No matter what it is, one thing to remember is to never apply too much force that may break the key or damage the ignition cylinder in any way. However, we have some ways that may help you get your key out. Below are 7 ways to fix a car key that does not work in the ignition. 

Setting your car gear

You’re probably wondering how your car gear can help with your key being stuck. I have that answer for you. When your gear is not on “Park” or “Neutral”, your car key would get stuck inside the ignition. This is why, before removing your car key, make sure to check your gear. If you don’t you might apply force to remove the key, which in return would cause it to damage. 

Moving your wheel back and forth:

How does that help, now? Speaking from personal experience, if you want to remove your car key that’s stuck inside the ignition. You need to move your car’s steering wheel forward and back to its original position. This would help because if your steering wheel lock is colliding with your car lock, it becomes a problem. Rocking it helps because both the cylinders come back to their places and it becomes easier to remove the car keys.  

Does your car key have debris?

Okay, this is seriously concerning. Have you ever used your car key to open up a box? If yes, then you’re in trouble. Sometime’s the key has rubbish stuck to it such as duct tape or cardboard pieces. Which, in return, are troubling when you put the key inside the ignition. So, for starters, make sure there’s no debris on your car key, and if there is, and that causes the key to get stuck, get a lubricant. The lubricant helps smoothen the key if applied just above the ignition cylinder and it will help remove the key. 

Shake the cylinder: 

Alright, this probably sounds weird but trust me, it works, if done properly. What you’re going to do is get some small tool from your tool bag. Apply a little pressure on the ignition. Shake the key and ignition at the same time. This would help the ignition cylinder to come back to its original position. Which, in return, would help you get your key out easily. 

Get a spare key or replace the original:

It’s not always the ignition that’s causing the problem, it can be the key too! Let me explain. People often use the same old keys that they have been using for years! They don’t get them replaced or checked. For all you know, those keys can be damaged or broken. If you have not changed your key in a certain amount of time and it gets stuck, I think it’s time you call your car locksmith. Replace your key or use a spare one to compare the difference. 

If it’s not the key, it the ignition cylinder

If the key is not the problem, then obviously, the cylinder is the main cause. In order to change your cylinder, you need to do some basic research. If you’re buying one of your own, then read reviews. Go online and search for ignition cylinders. There are multiple reviews that will help you get one in good quality and less price. 

Last, but not the least, call your locksmith

All things aside, no matter how hard we try, we will still not be as professional as the locksmith himself. No matter where you’re stuck, call a car locksmith or just search for Car key replacement Rochester NY and get your car key out of that ignition! A skilled professional can get the job done pretty easily and will save up most of your time. 

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