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Published on May 7th, 2019 | by Chad T.


Alex Pachan, Triface Media SEO

Alex Pachan is an SEO Professional and affiliate marketing veteran. He is based in Detroit, where he manages Triface Media SEO. Alex’s goals are to gain search engine ranks and create online property equity to his clients via organic traffic. He consistently delivers for his clients, achieving success with even the most generic keywords.

What are some things that you love?

I love my wife and kids. Without them I’d feel like a man stuck in a large echoing cave. I also love football, playing for the Detroit Seminoles for a few years, as well as, training with David Lawrence from MECA was something I’ll never forget.

What’s your favorite type of food?

I enjoy trying different kinds of sushi. I also enjoying trying to get somebody who hasn’t had sushi to try to like it. haha.

What do you wish you knew before starting a business?

I wish I knew more about exit strategies. Marketing comes in waves, and I had the chance to sell a website that supplemented Myspace users for six figures in the early 2010’s. I refused to take any offers serious and was blinded by the daily generated revenue.

What’s your favorite thing about working in your industry?

With SEO there’s consistent learning to do, it never ends. The reward seeing a client’s goals being met with their response to our work are also near to my heart.

What was your first job?

I stocked shelves at the local food center for $6.00 an hour.


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