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Ammar Jali

Ammar Jali started his journey with Domino’s as a part time driver in Long Island N.Y while studying at NYIT to become an Electrical Engineer.

After graduating as an Electrical Engineer with Honor Roll and on Dean’s List, Ammar started working for Festo Didactics in Hauppauge, NY as a Fiber Optics Engineer, worked on projects for clients like Disney and won awards. Enrolled for a Masters Degree in Energy Management Program. (“I wanted a more challenging and exciting future and quickly realized that Domino’s Pizza is that one company where there are no limits to what one can achieve. –Ammar Jali)

Six months later Ammar left his full time position as an engineer and accepted an Assistant Manager position at the same Domino’s Pizza Store where he initially worked as a driver…..Ammar realized that this was the first of the many tough decision and sacrifices he made to be one step closer in achieving his goals.

“Today our stores are in free standing buildings, pole signs and drive through windows thus ranking high in brand awareness…..Our customers appreciate bright, clean and inviting lobbies…and therefore the priority is to remodel, relocate or open the next restaurant and make it superior from every aspect in comparison to the previous.

The model has been successful in every market we have presence in and this exciting journey continues…..”

What is important to you in terms of business relationships?

All business relationships are important, from landlord to neighbors, community involvement is very important to my team and I.

The most important one is with your team, I am strong believer of the following

“Your team members don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

How has your business changed in the last ten or more years?

Like everything else our business has also changed and evolved over time. There is more choice, more competition and more technology needed to stay ahead.

I remember starting out back over two decades ago, we only had two sixes of pizza and a can of Coca Cola on the menu. I almost feels weird having such a limited menu but it worked back then and that was Domino’s Pizza then.

Menu has expanded, and customers have more choice now to decide in minutes who will be the dinner venue of choice tonight.

In a family or four, mom might want a salad while dad picks a pasta and kids want to have pizza. Our menu caters to all choices. I am excited to be part of such a versatile and global brand….which continues to evolve and appeals to customers of all age.

What does the future hold for your business? What are you most excited about?

Smart growth in various parts of the country. My goal is to have successful Grand Openings. Customers don’t care why your computers crashed on the middle of the Grand Opening and their food was delayed, they expect to walk in n a brand new Domino’s and enjoy a delicious hot pizza with their favorite toppings….any my team and I prepare for weeks and sometimes months to make sure that the first customer that walks through the front door is a customer for life.

I am very excited about the brand and its vision to embrace the latest technology and implement id it in the best way possible into every Domino’s location in the country.

We are considered a “cool brand” thanks to all of the amazing things that the franchisor introduces us to.

Is something that other major brands lack and miss out on miserably.Ammar Jali

What do you think it is that makes you successful?

I am a motivator; therefore, I am constantly empowering and motivating any team member I come in contact with on daily basis.

I reject negativity and pessimistic attitude….it doesn’t sit well with me. My team and I focus on recognizing the talent. We work together on producing the next top General Manager.

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