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Published on April 24th, 2018 | by Brandon H


Andrew Knight New Canaan Developer

Andrew Knight New Canaan is a front-end developer who has built a reputation for creating simple to use but aesthetically appealing user interface options for a range of companies in different sectors. In recent years, Andrew Knight New Canaan has been seeking to develop his skills for use in the retail and real estate sectors to expand his business to include different areas of interest from small to large business models. Andrew Knight New Canaan has built on his degree in systems development to create a company which has become popular in consumer analytics as this sector has become a major part of the work of the customers Knight New Caneen has been attracting in recent years.

What are your favorite books?

I like to spend as much time as possible reading when I’m trying to relax and partake in a diverse range of biographies and novels. Last year I decided to take a look at my investment portfolio and began looking for successful people to model my investment career on. George Soros’ “The Alchemy of Finance” has been an invaluable source of information and techniques which have worked for the billionaire. When I’m simply looking to relax I enjoy crime novels and love the work of Henning Mankell, particularly the “Wallander” novels. One of my favorite novels is “An Event In Autumn” which I think is one of Mankell’s best and plays a key part in the descent of his hero into medical problems.

What is your favorite TV show?

Life is really busy for me the majority of the time, but I do like to watch as many of the new TV shows as possible. It is tough to find the time, but I do enjoy comedy shows and have recently been streaming “Toast of London.” It’s a show about an aging actor in London who just does not fit in the modern world but is still hoping for his big break. The star of the show is Matt Berry who plays the character Steven Toast, and I think he’s hilarious.

Describe your typical day?

As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to describe a typical day but some aspects of my day to day routine to stay the same for the majority of the time. When I wake up, I spend a few minutes looking over messages and Emails on my phone before I either head out for a run or work out at the gym. After a quick shower, I eat a healthy breakfast before I go to my home office and spend some time communicating with clients and checking into new contacts and potential clients. I prioritize my goals for the day and set out to work on the projects I need go each day completely and often stay at my desk until seven o clock in the evening.

How could you improve your business?

I don’t know if improve the correct word because I believe my business is heading in a positive and upward direction which is something I am very proud of. Obviously, I am always looking to evolve and grow my business in a positive way including a period of growth which I hope to extend to include hiring more employees and looking to gain larger and more exclusive contracts. I do like to think no matter how successful I become as a front-end developer I will keep the clients I have assisted since the early days of my career as a freelancer. I’m hoping to open a new office in my home state of Connecticut and another in New York where many of my clients are based.

What’s one piece of advice you can share with others?

That’s a difficult question because as an entrepreneur I have been inundated with advice since the first day I announced I was starting my own business. The main piece of advice I would like to share with your readers is to trust oneself and not to trust every piece of advice which is thrown at you when you become an entrepreneur. One thing I have found is those who have achieved much as a business leader are often more reserved in the advice they offer without being asked. Every time I meet a successful businessperson I like to ask them how they got started and whether they would make changes to their career if they could go back in time. The majority of those I have spoken to have few regrets which are how I hope to go through my business career.

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