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Bill Scuorzo

Bill Scuorzo is the President and CEO of a leading insurance brokerage and human resources consulting firm, BCG Advisors, Inc. The firm was established in 1999 to serve small to mid sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Prior to the formation of BCG Advisors, Bill Scuorzo served as Sales Representative at a major health insurance carrier where he oversaw groups representing thousands of employees. Today, BCG Advisors is among the fastest growing independent commercial insurance and benefits brokerage firms in the Northeastern United States. Under Bill’s watch, BCG Advisors has done a lot to increase the value of its benefit programs while lowering the overall healthcare cost.

His areas of expertise include Group medical, dental, vision, life and voluntary products. As part of sensitization efforts, Bill regularly participates in roundtables involving local and national carriers to discuss new products, the changing benefits climate and market trends. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of Scranton. During his pastime, Bill enjoys outdoors events like golfing, surfing, skiing and fishing. He currently resides in Little Silver, New Jersey.

What are your favorite books?

I don’t read as much as I should but the one book that always sticks out to me is “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  This motivational book also offers crucial insights that can help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid frustrations and resource wastage associated with starting and running startups.

What do you normally do during your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family.  I am an avid sports enthusiast who spends a lot of free time playing golf, skiing or surfing. This shouldn’t be a surprise because I live close to the coast so surfing is very easy for me to do.

Could you tell us about the best advice you’ve ever received?

I have received lots of advice from many great people. Perhaps the best was from a colleague who advised me to create things that help others if I seriously want to build a name. I am glad to point out that the outlook for the insurance industry has been positive for the last few years due to higher investment income and sustained economic growth. As a leading company, we are consistently looking at our products to ensure they offer real value without compromising on our core objectives.

What are your aspirations in life?

My aspiration in life is to see BCG Advisors grow bigger and better year-on-year. We are doing this by sticking to our core business while encouraging strategic expansion of the various company divisions. When I was setting up the company in the late 90s my vision was solely trained on providing business solutions geared towards helping clients curtail the rising cost of healthcare. I strongly believe the high cost of healthcare has become a serious burden to US taxpayers and every serious stakeholder must do their part to keep the cost affordable to as many people as possible.

Our vision convinced many small and mid-size companies and non-profit groups to join our fold. Following the initial successes, we went on to institute customer centric approach to business advising. The strategy involved equipping advisors and human resource staff with critical training and tools. The investment turned these workers into some of the best employees in the insurance industry. Aggressive investment in marketing and advertising has also played a role in promoting growth. Our marketing approach encompasses up-to-date strategies such as building responsive websites, utilizing per click advertising and using video marketing to engage varied audiences.

What important lesson did you learn from your biggest failure?

That would be learning to begin doing things that matter sooner. I have learned a lot from past misgivings and will not pass up a viable opportunity just because I am not expressively ready for the oncoming challenge. Every successful entrepreneur I know had to learn from past failures before finding the success rhythm. Our business has been growing from strength to strength guided by extensive research and market analysis. In 2009, we established a commercial risk unit to offer property and casualty insurance solutions. Two years later, we setup the personal lines division to offer insurance coverage to employees enrolled in our group programs. The policies include; home, life and disability insurance. In 2012, our highly hyped human resource segment was born. The division offers high level HR guidance and advisory services to clients who have taken the employee insurance cover. The HR division is headed by the very able Regina Filangieri.



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