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Published on January 31st, 2016 | by Chad T.


Brad Smith – CEO, Rescue One Financial

Brad Smith is the CEO of Rescue One Financial. Smith’s company manages over $2 Billion Dollars worth of consumer debt.

Where were you born?

I’m from California. Worked on Wall Street for 18 years and am settled in Orange County.

What is one thing that you attribute to Rescue One’s Success?

Teamwork. Team-building activities have created very close-knit, happy and productive workers here in Irvine. Our employees function very efficiently and never have an issue asking somebody else for help. We are very big on working together to solve problems and resolve anything as a team. Thanks to our team building efforts we retain employees longer and thrive with a strong company culture.

Favorite type of food?

Sushi. California and JB Rolls are my two favorite. Followed by Spider Rolls. I’ve eaten sushi all over and Orange county has some of the best Sushi restaurants.

How did you get started in your career?

I worked on Wall Street for 18 years at Merrill Lynch. Now owning Rescue One Financial I am able to use a lot of the great experiences from Merill to help out the everyday consumer as opposed to just helping wealthy people to build their wealth to greater heights.

Predictions for the future?

In an election year there tends to be a lot of political changes. Some for the greater good of the consumer and some that are not. I see the consumer being able to speak up more about changing legislature to let their point of view heard. There will be more companies entering into the “Fintech” space where processes will start to be automated and millenials will have a different way at looking at their finances then their grandparents did. The important thing is to always change with the tide.

Brad Smith

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