Published on January 26th, 2020 | by David Jackson


Bringing Your Digital Business Into the Physical World

If you’re in business these days, then you know that there is a stark difference between digital and physical sales. However, there is so much integration between those two ideas that you have to plan out all of the intersections very, very carefully. There are a few different ways that these two ideas combine, for example, selling something digitally and shipping it physically versus selling something physically and shipping it digitally. That is what makes business these days so fascinating.

A few short examples will illustrate exactly what you need to think about when it comes to this division between virtual and real-world applications. There is the all-important matter of loading and unloading physical stock. If you are selling digitally, the sale happens online just about as quickly as using tubemp4 for downloading a video from youtube. There is the fact that you have to ship things in different ways when moving it from digital to physical. And then there is the decision about where to have your office. Even if you sell a virtual product, it’s a good idea to have a physical location from which to sell.

Loading and Unloading

Say that you just got excited about your big sale to a new client. You got the order from an online source. However, now you need to find some technology that creates a pathway for your physical product to get to the customer. In other words, you need some freight unloading services at your disposal. Typically, you’ll have to outsource this part of your business plan, because it is doubtful that you already have the warehousing infrastructure in place.


How much attention have you paid to shipping itself when it comes to digital products? Say that you sell a CD full of data as an example. This data can be transferred instantly for no cost via the Internet. However, if someone needs a physical DVD shipped to them, how do you make that happen? 

How do you determine shipping and handling fees, or what method do you use to burn the DVD in the first place? Not everybody operates entirely in the digital world, which is why you have to have a backup plan to create movement for physical products.

Where To Have Your Office

There’s also the matter of choosing where to have your business office. Even if your business operates entirely online, it’s not a bad idea to have a space to perform your business actions. You’ll have a desk, a computer, a set of filing cabinets – all of these things are important to remind yourself to be focused and efficient in your workplace. Regardless of your actual product, knowing that you have somewhere to go to just do business, or to meet clients potentially, is a big deal.

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