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Published on October 31st, 2019 | by Brandon H


Cyrus Baseghi

Cyrus Baseghi is a long-time President of OSSI, which is a Nevada-based software company. As one of the leaders in the programming sector, OSSI works with businesses that want to consolidate their data and resources by offering them a versatile solution that combines all of their systems. Doing so leads to higher productivity, an increase in revenues, an immediate boost in customer service, and a drop in overhead costs related to technology. Cyrus Baseghi, who started with OSSI more than 17 years ago, also invests in a wide range of opportunities that include things like small businesses, contract-based management, and executive leadership.

What do you do in your spare time?

It depends on the time of the year. If I have some time to spare in the summer, for instance, I like going for a swim or a late-night walk or jog. In case I have vacation days available, I may or may not take off of work and go somewhere where I have never been before. During the winter, I usually try to stay in with friends and family or go to the gym to get a quick workout.

I do not spend a lot of time outside during the winter as I do not enjoy the low temperatures. Even though Nevada does not get too cold, I just prefer the heat over rain or wind. Some of my other hobbies include going for walks, doing online research on things that interest me, which are usually non-business related, and catching up on politics.

What is your favorite film?

I have always liked classics a lot more than most movies that get released nowadays. So, some of my favorite ones include “The Godfather,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Taxi Driver,” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” I could not choose only one of those, however, as they are all focused on different topics and deliver a wide variety of impressive elements. The acting is incredible, the themes are unique, and the plot development is extraordinary. This does not mean that I do not watch contemporary films, though. Whenever I discuss similar questions with people, they tend to conclude how I dislike movies that came out recently. On the contrary, I like watching everything from Marvel’s projects, which include all of their “Avenger” spinoffs and combinations, to stand-alone reboots of films like “Pet Sematary.” Nonetheless, if I am talking about my favorite movies, I will always start with the aforementioned list of timeless classics.

Describe your typical day.

I wake up between 6 and 8 A.M. and spend the next hour doing some basic stretching, eating breakfast, getting ready for work, and glancing at the news. Next, I head over to my office and start working by 9 A.M. The next hour or two is dedicated to handling correspondence as I receive a ton of inquiries every night. Sometimes, I can get through all the new e-mails relatively fast as they might be simple questions from some of my senior managers. Then again, there are days when I need three to four hours to resolve one e-mail because it carries a lot of complex questions that I must answer by reaching out to others. Once the e-mails are done, I usually have a few meetings that either take place in my office or at the client site. After I am done, which is around 3 or 4 P.M., I revisit my correspondence to make sure that none of the follow-ups have something that needs to be addressed immediately. Finally, I do some miscellaneous work for an hour or two and head home. Once I get back from work, I do not have a typical activity, per se, as every day is different. There are times when I watch sports, and there are times when I go out with my family, visit friends, or workout.

What is one thing you have learned since starting your career?

The most important lesson that I learned is that time is the most valuable asset that everyone has. Regardless of someone’s level of income or position in their business, allocating time appropriately is equally important for all. Failing to do so can make one extremely unhappy even after they start earning unprecedented amounts of money.

What motivates you every day?

I have a detailed vision for OSSI and some smaller projects. Since I know that we have the potential to reach the objectives that I create, I constantly push myself to do whatever is in my power to help our organization get there. Doing so will put us in a better position within the local market, facilitate many in- and out-of-state expansions, and considerably raise our revenues. Thus, everybody would benefit and get to live a better life because of it.


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