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Published on December 16th, 2017 | by Chad T.


Don Forman – Nissan Dealer From Las Vegas, Nevada

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Don Forman a philanthropist, car dealer who currently owns Tustin Nissan in California, and an avid wine collector. Forman has made headlines of late for his philanthropic efforts in Las Vegas, Nevada with the Fox5 Surprise Squad which was recently highlighted as they surprise local Las Vegas residents in this time of need.

  1. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Answer: Day of closing your dealership, in pebble beach for his birthday and received acceptance letter from Nissan Corp.

2. What motivates you these days as an entrepreneur who has it all and does everything for the community in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas?

Answer: First family, second business, third giving back to my community.

3. What people have influenced your thinking and might be of interest to others?

Answer: Tony Robins, old coach of notre dame, always enjoyed listening to Roger Penske. Tony: listened to a lot of his older tapes on self motivation and being the best you can be. Blue Holts, had a chance to preview one of his speeches about notre dame football. Roger: Appreciated the fact that he was successful in so many different industries. He also supported me by helping me buy my first dealership from him.

4. How did you get started in the Car Dealership Business?

Answer: I had always excelled in sales ever since I was young. This skill came pretty natural to me and matted very well with the passion for cars that was passed onto me from my father. Together they helped me sink my teeth into the idea of a career in automotive sales. Today the Nissan Dealership is doing great in Tustin, California.

5. Something that very few people know about Don Forman the Nissan Dealer King?


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