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Donny Gamble: Living as an Entrepreneur Digital Nomad

Donny Gamble is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Founder of Retirement Investments, and – believe it or not – a digital nomad.

He’s found a way to build his companies and grow as an entrepreneur while traveling the world and he’s ready to pass on some advice to others who might want to do the same thing.

Here are some tips on how to be successful in 2021 while living as a digital nomad:

(1) Be productive when you’re working

Traveling the world on an ongoing basis means you won’t have a regular work schedule. You’ll be travelling at times and you’ll want to spend other parts of your week exploring wherever you are at that moment, which is very understandable.

This means that you have to be extra productive when you’re at your computer and working. You can’t waste time when you finally get the chance to get down to business, so use the valuable productivity skills you’ve acquired over the years to make sure you stay on task and make progress.

(2) Consider hiring freelancers

You can’t do everything yourself as an entrepreneur – especially when you’re also traveling – so consider hiring freelancers to help out in certain areas. There are a ton of platforms to help you find experienced freelancers who can make a difference in your company.

(3) Understand and enhance Your SEO Rankings

SEO is crucial for everyone’s business these days and, for someone like me who doesn’t have the time to constantly be working at my marketing campaign, it is essential to the growth of my company. For businesses that do not have a specific location, SEO is vital for getting consistent website traffic and finding new customers.

You need to understand SEO and put it to use in an effective way.

(4) Use the latest tools to enhance your workflow

All business owners need to take advantage of the latest tools to make sure they are as productive and informed as possible. When you’re living as a digital nomad, it’s especially important to find tools to enhance the way you work and track your progress.

(5) Have a TON of fun away from your work

Living as a digital nomad is supposed to be fun, so make sure you have a blast when you’re not working. Explore the places you are visiting, make memories to last a lifetime, and find a way to not stress about your work constantly.

(6) Take care of yourself

Traveling is tough on the body and it’s not easy for you to be healthy while on the road for so long. It’s important to eat right, limit the intake of negative items, find a way to get a consistent good night’s sleep, and make sure you are feeling good.

Anybody can live as a digital nomad for a little while, but not everyone can succeed as a digital nomad, and taking care of yourself is the most important part of the process.

(7) Appreciate the fact that the work you do allows you to live as a digital nomad

My final pointer for all aspiring digital nomads is to enjoy it. It can be so easy to stress over travel plans, worry about the work you need to get done, and completely miss out on the moment.

If you are a digital nomad, you need to enjoy those special moments where you are doing it. Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t think too far ahead. Just enjoy the experience and focus on making memories you’ll never forget!

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