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Published on December 23rd, 2017 | by Chad T.


Dr. Ashwini Anand London Kentucky Private Practice and Physician

What are the most exciting trends that excite you today about Private Practice and Medicine in the United States?

There is one interesting trend in the medical field nowadays, and we are not talking about new advanced medicine or equipment. We are talking about how the medical field is being run. We are talking specifically about the number of doctors who are doing private practice compared to those who prefer to work with a corporation or hospital.

Any interesting Stats that you want to share with our readers?

As per Accenture Report on clinical employment, around 30% of medical professionals work in private practice and the rest are either residents or hospital employment. This is a very interesting number because the number of private practicing doctors in 2000 was 57%. That is almost 25% decrease and there is a big chance that in the future this number will actually get higher. This means that only one out of three doctors will have their own clinic.
Another interesting thing to note is that there are some trends regarding age; the average age of a private is actually 55 years old which means that the younger generation prefers hospital employment or a partnership. Also, only 18% of doctors who are in private practice are female.

What are some important Factors that contribute to this?

What are the factors that contribute to this? Perhaps the most telling is how generations prefer how to work. The younger physicians prefer to do their administrative tasks through an electronic recording system and even have different payment models as well as different diagnostic equipment. Going solo practice restricts the capital that is available and also increases overhead costs since secretaries and other personnel are needed.
Another very important factor is actually burning out from the job. One big difference between private practice and hospital employment is that a fine line between work and private life is more apparent in hospital employment. In private practice, work hours may overlap with private hours. Cause of stress and given time may develop into burnout.

“It took roughly 6 to 7 years of extremely hard work & dedicated on-call services, during which time I was also on all night on-call for heart-attack patients at 3 local hospitals,” Dr. Ashwini Anand said. Private practice is much more competitive now than it was before. More and more patients actually prefer to go to hospitals. However, private practice has always been much more fulfilling.

“To see a patient who was dying before I saw and treated them, go home happy to their loved ones and children after having been saved from the brink of disaster,” writes Dr. Anand when asked about what makes private practice worth it. He has been named as Best Heart Doctor for 15 years in London, Kentucky and operates The Good Heart Corporation. While the private practice has been more difficult, most physicians will agree that nothing will ever beat the fulfillment found in private practice.


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