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Dr. William Levine, D.P.M. from Brooklyn, New York

Dr. William Levine, D.P.M. is a Podiatrist from Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Levine has come up with some innovative methods, delivered with heartfelt compassion, for his clients and that has kept him atop of his field. At the forefront of podiatric care and running Long Island and Brooklyns most sophisticated foot and ankle programs in the New York metropolitan area, he delivers exceptional care for virtually every type of podiatric ailment.

What Sets You Apart from Other Podiatrists?

As one of the few certified podiatrists having received advanced training in aesthetic podiatry, I target foot discomfort with the very latest technology and the least invasive techniques to optimize your care. He is dedicated to restoring appearance and quality of life.

What is it in the way you treat Patients in New York Compared to how Others May Treat Patients?

I treat the entire person, not just the foot. And because each diagnosis is unique, we customize a treatment plan to fit your specific needs. We’ll have
questions. You’ll have questions. Together, we’ll have a dialogue that continues throughout your care so you have an active role in deciding next steps, making choices and selecting the best treatment options available.

Levine Podiatry patients are always satisfied as we deliver a coordinated approach from research to prevention to post- treatment care.
Our patients benefit from the seamless integration of surgery, cosmetic podiatry, pathology, pain management, and supportive services. Phoenix Podiatry is the core foundation around which comprehensive, patient-centered care is delivered.

Any Prevention Methods for our Readers?

If you take care of your feet, you can wear any shoe with comfort. Many women in their 20’s wear sky high stilettos and their feet don’t hurt. It’s when you’re in your 30’s that the deformities begin to show. Fortunately, there are methods of prevention:
o Foot facial:
o Exfoliation: mild chemical peel to correct dry, discolored, wrinkled skin
o Urea sprays, seaweed bath, followed by intensive moisturizing
o Toe nails are whitened
o Anti-inflammatory shots

o Reflexology

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