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Published on September 20th, 2018 | by Chad T.


Gabriella Sannino – International SEO Consultant, Level343

Gabriella Sannino is the President and Founder of Level343, an International SEO Consulting firm based out of San Francisco, CA. Grabriella was drawn to the International SEO business due to her multicultural background. She is an Italian citizen, who grew up in the Middle East, and now resides in the US.

Gabriella saw the need for businesses to be able to market on a global level. She realized that many companies did not have an international SEO strategy in place with many of those companies doing business globally.

She soon formed Level343 and works with companies to establish SEO strategies and presence through content strategy and international keyword targeting. We recently sat down with Gabriella to learn more about her fascinating background.

What are your favorite books?

I’m a little biased here, but one of my favorite books is called “The INTERNet” by Ann Kaplan. I actually helped write the book with her. “The INTERNet” is geared towards medical professionals and provides tips and tricks for helping to establish best internet marketing practices.

Another favorite book of mine is #GirlBoss by Sophia Amuroso. As a female entrepreneur who’s paved my own way, I enjoy reading about other strong, independent females breaking down barriers.

What’s your favorite type of food?

That’s a hard question! With my multicultural background, I enjoy a variety of foods. Of course, my Italian background makes me yearn for a good home cooked Italian meal, but I also enjoy a good Falafel thanks to my time spent in the Middle East.

The good news is I live in San Francisco, which is loaded with Michelin Star restaurants and a variety of amazing restaurants. I can basically find a restaurant at any time to satisfy any craving I have! I enjoy the variety of international cuisine that San Francisco has to offer, which is part of the reason I set up my business here.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I would say the best advice I’ve ever received was to “teach your daughters less about fitting into a glass slipper, and more about shattering a glass ceiling”.

As a female business owner, I’ve shattered many glass ceilings along the way. I’ve learned a lot from mentors, both male and female, over the years and hope to lead others by my example.

Currently, I lead my team at Level343 to not be afraid to try new things and venture into unchartered territory, which is what shattering glass ceilings is all about.

What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?

My most significant accomplishment to date is establishing a motivational, inspirational, knowledgeable “A-Team” at Level343.

My team of consultants, developers, content specialists, and SEO practitioners, have helped Level343 become one of the top International SEO companies in the world with industry recognition from other leading SEO firms.

I could not have made this company so successful to date without the help of each and every one of my team members.

What’s one piece of advice you are willing to share with others?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. When I first became involved in the internet marketing business, I never heard of an international SEO firm. I didn’t know if others saw the need for it as greatly as I did. Launching my own business was terrifying, yet I knew I wanted to do it. I wasn’t afraid to step out on my own. I encourage others to take the leap and venture out!

Learn more about Gabriella and Level343 by visiting their website, Level343, following her on Twitter (@SEOCopy), or connecting with her on LinkedIn.


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