Entrepreneurs Greg Fishman Boca Raton

Published on September 9th, 2018 | by Chad T.


Greg Fishman Boca Raton

Greg Fishman is an Entrepreneur in Boca Raton, Florida. He currently runs the company Resolvly LLC. In his younger days Fishman attended the St. Louis Rabbinical college at the age of 15 and pursued a career as a rabbi, going to school from 7-9 p.m. Later  on in life he went into the chemical mfg. industry and grew through the ranks to eventually be the vice president and later being the owner. He stuck with this job for another 28 years.

Question: What Did you Want to Be when you were younger?

Answer: I wanted to become a financial analyst strictly so I could help people with what I had gone through being raised in a middle class family. The opportunity to help people was available via debt settlement the only problem I witnessed is their was no attorney in case you got sued or a summons or a specific legal question. I learned that market and then got introduced to the lawyer model that puts the client in the hands of a consumer lawyer. I thought that was stellar via they were covered and completely understood what they were up against with faith not fear. A lot of people were rejected because they had the ability to pay and did not want to we help clients that had nowhere else to go. Sometime we are a sounding board for those that have know where else to go.

Question: How active are you in Recovery?

Answer: I am very active in a program of recovery that I have been a part of since I was 23, 36years ago. I am committed to help people that truly want a program of recovery and to help them find a new way of life. I have helped 100’s of people change their life form hopeless to having hope! Not tooting my horn just sharing my passion. I donate a lot of time and money to help this cause in many branches of it. We do picnics, food drives, Bingo, scholarship funding for treatment etc.….

Question: Do You Donate to Any Charities?

Answer: I am very active and donate to  Now “national organization for women”. We had decided to donate time and money because women were not getting a fare court hearing when it came to their children. I thought that we could help them and be proactive to get help or provide help to those in need.

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