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How To Pivot Your Business In A Pandemic

The pandemic struck us unexpectedly, and many businesses had to shut down and others had to adopt new ways of operation. It is undeniable that most of them ran into the digital space as people had to stay and the only way to connect was online. Digitalizing was quite a deliberate move and proven sustainable for many industries that thrived from in person events and jobs.

However, as some would have been new in the online space, they had to learn the coping mechanisms to adapt and thrive. There are thus strategies utilized by professionals and that have proven useful to succeed in the online space. We mainly learn from the founders of Role Models Management, Anne Therese and Valerie Emanuel. They have thrived in the modeling world by helping their clients create content for brands who otherwise would have limited ways they could advertise. They have experience in the online space working with influencers and content creators from all over the world.

      1. Enhancing Your Significance.

There is so much noise and advertising online that it’s hard to sort through and find what you are looking for at times. All that is required is making your brand stand out, either through the business model you adopt, marketing strategies, and the services you render. All customers want is excellent service such as quality, timely delivery, and reliability. You can’t just market yourself as being better, these days anyone can write a review online, you actually have to deliver to customers and if you are working business to business and don’t have customers you have to deliver on having good communication and setting high standards.

Role Models Management adopted an outstanding business model that allows models to share their interests and beliefs, this also means they are ethical with the brands that come to them by having transparent communication. They stand by core values such as sustainability, ethics, empowerment, and social justice. Models are allowed to work on what best suits them. They sold this difference to brands who were also making changes and wanted to embrace a new way they would have to advertise which was with more than just beautiful products, advertisers have to appeal to people’s emotional needs and not just what’s trendy anymore.

      2. Engage Content Creators. 

Any business that is running online needs quality engaging content to drive customers to their business. Content creators come in handy, creating blogs, videos, or social media posts. They use their creativity to promote companies’ brands using their voice. They have a way of navigating the internet to convert their audience to purchase products. However, it’s essential to consider factors like an influencer’s engagement and content that aligns with your industry to get the best of the best. Rustic Sportsman is a great example of a company that uses its Facebook page to promote its online business to its huge following. 

In Role Models Agency, as they create a friendly working space where models express their interests and what they believe in, they connect them to brands that share the same interests making their collaborations seamless . When the pandemic hit they also started to teach models who are not regularly creating content how to do photo shoots by themselves at home. You can see these classes on their website Rolemodelsedu.com. Furthermore, according to the Influencer Marketing Survey, statistics show that 89% of firms happy wheels demo are satisfied with influencer marketing results, finding it more effective than any other method. According to research by Insider Intelligence statistics, content creation contributed to $8 billion in revenue in 2019.

      3. Explore other opportunities. 

This last year has been a prioritization of the things that really matter. Who would’ve known that face mask and PPE would be the number one item on your shopping list in 2020? Rather than waiting for things to go back to normal you can instead find a niche related to what you do to boost your income. 

Role Models saw the opportunity to engage the brands that they work with by doing full scale production. Since the beginning of their agency they have been producing commercials and photo shoots for smaller brands, and now Role Models took the pandemic as a opportunity to grow the production part of their business, taking on large and small clients who could no longer justify being on set with up to 50 people at a time as regulations continue to change. All of their productions also have the Role Models ethical and sustainable stamp of approval, meaning that the production was done with little to no harm on the environment and with zero waste in mind. Expanding your opportunities is the only way to  maximize your revenues.


It can be tough navigating through the digital space, especially if most businesses are diverting to it with little experience. However, you could utilize some phenomenal new ways to work like those mentioned above to keep and pivot your business amidst a pandemic. The above tips are also cost-effective, as most of us realized there were a lot of ways we were spending money doing things in person that we could now save on. Please find out more about Role Models Management through Instagram or their Website.


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