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How To Take Control Of Your Life With Cole Taylor

Are you feeling like you aren’t living up to your potential? Do you feel like there is more for you? If this is you, Cole Taylor says you can begin to perform up to your potential by taking control of your life. 

Cole Taylor is a performance and health coach for entrepreneurs who have worked with hundreds of successful business people and entrepreneurs. He has helped them find more in every area of their lives. This former D1 athlete, certified personal trainer, MBA holder, and licensed pastor has spoken and musically performed in front of crowds of over 30,000. He has uses this variety of experience to help people discover themselves and reach their highest potential. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is one of the ways you can take control of your life. Cole says that you need to raise your standards if you want to change your life, business and relationship. And one way of doing that is by getting rid of negative people in your life and surrounding yourself with people who can give you new challenges, uplift you, provide you with knowledge and help you learn from your mistakes. 

Like the businessmen and entrepreneurs in Cole’s program receive, you need an incredible community around you that will push you to new levels. These people are going to encourage you. They are going to motivate you and add another layer of accountability. Additionally, they are going to compete with you to push you to do more and be morel. In the long run, community and the right people around you are going to help you hit your goals and targets.

 Be Accountable To Your Goals And Targets

If you want to take control of your life, you also need to find out what you actually want in life. Write each of your goals down, and then develop strategies that can help you accomplish those goals. These goals can be according to different areas of your life, like work, relationships, or health. You can break down these goals into short-term goals of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

Cole Taylor holds the men he works with accountable at a high level. With his daily check-ins, weekly calls, performance tracking sheets, and more, he is able to ensure they do what they said they were going to, because he knows consistent action is what brings results.


Be Disciplined About Your Time

Another area that allows you to take control of your life that Cole teaches is maximizing your time. Time is limited and a precious asset. We all happy wheels demo have 24 hours a day, and how we utilize this time determines who we become in the long run. Maximizing your time is about correctly prioritizing things and doing what is essential to you. Therefore you need to get your priorities right, avoid procrastination, be organized, and avoid distractions. You can also set your daily goals with reminders and always remember to have reflections. 


The above tips will help you take control of your life in the perfect way ever. Surround yourself with positive people, be accountable for your goals and targets, and be disciplined about your time.

Cole feels that if you want to take control of your life, coaching is the best way to get the community, accountability, and training you need. It is also a powerful tool for self-discovery and his coaching leads to growth in every area of his client’s lives.

For more tips and information, you can connect to Cole Taylor on Instagram.  




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