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Published on May 24th, 2018 | by Chad T.


Jeff Herman Talks Law And Life

Herman Law is a nationally recognized firm, and at the helm, Jeff Herman proudly brings forth a voice for individuals victimized by rape, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and other heinous acts of violence. As founder, and Managing Partner at Herman Law, Jeff utilizes his vast experience, skill, and passion to advocate for clients. Herman Law is one of the nation’s leading practices in terms of childhood sexual exploitation, and the entire practice remains solely devoted to this cause.

With extensively complicated cases, how do you stay organized, productive, and efficient?

Throughout many years of practice, I have learned the importance of narrowing down cases to their simplest form, and relying solely on factual information as the guideline for each case. In other words, my team and I have to be extremely diligent in regard to documentation, and being able to appropriately fact-check “theories” before being confident enough to present them as fact. Personally, I tend to be very visual, and thus, I rely on the visual organization of cases. I utilize a whiteboard to draw out timelines of cases, which aides in being able to visually focus on each piece, as it fits into the grand scheme of a case.

How has the recent influx of empowerment for victims via online sources changed your business?

Though it is always tough to hear about individuals being victimized in any manner, the changing landscape of online advocacy has certainly brought people together, and has made it a point to provide advocacy for those who have been victimized, empowering these individuals, instead of re-victimizing them. My goal is always to make people feel empowered, and I believe that a lot of the recent movements have aligned wonderfully with the message of victim empowerment.

With grueling hours, an extensive travel schedule, and heavy subject matter, how do you balance it all?

Within the scope of my work, I deal with the worst of humanity, and am not immune to letting the experiences of my clients break my heart. Not too long ago, I considered quitting this field of work, as a direct result of becoming physically ill by the content of work. It was then that I began biometric training, which has allowed me to continue to be successful within the field, without feeling emotionally consumed by it. In essence, the team of doctors involved helped to successfully understand the feelings of my clients in an empathetic manner, without owning their feelings as my own. I am confident that this has, in turn, allowed to me continue forth in a motivated, streamlined, and focused manner, and has aided in my overall success.

What advice do you have for young people interested in pursuing a legal career?

As the hours are grueling, the workload is extensive, and the career is all-encompassing, you must truly be passionate about your dedicated field. Often, lawyers leave the field as a result of these conditions, coupled with the lack of unrelenting motivation that only comes with being truly passionate about the scope of work. Thus, I would tell young people to find what exactly drives them, and to combine this passion with the law.


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