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JMD Furniture CEO, Dev Joshi

Dev Joshi is a proud co-owner of JMD Furniture, a family owned enterprise that sells everything from futon sofa beds and mattresses to occasional tables and other home furnishings. The family members involved in the venture are Sunita Joshi, Ritu Joshi, Narender Joshi and Preeti Joshi. Joshi’s position as the company Founder and CEO places him in charge of overall company operations. He is also responsible for developing growth strategies and making key communications. Joshi’s background in computer science, sales, graphics design and marketing has been critical to the company, especially when it comes to charting the route to success. The Washington, DC-based company was established over 10 years ago, when it was a small enterprise with a few employees. Today, JMD Furniture has grown into a highly successful venture with several offices in the Northeastern. The company operating value is founded on the strength of customer feedback and the principle of “Jai Mata Di”.


The phrase literally translates to positivity and appreciation to the Mother Nature for good tidings. Following the guidance, the company has managed to build a reputation for elegance, customer service excellence, and trust. The news of JMD’s success has seen the company recognized for its service by premier marketing organizations like the Prime Buyer Report, which named JMD a top 10 trusted and valued furniture dealer. As part of his daily brief, Joshi consistently makes rounds across the 7 JMD business locations to listen to the staff and customers. The feedback is highly efficient since it gives him the opportunity to act on rising concerns. Under his leadership, JMD has also established a scholarship kitty to encourage young people to be creative. The program rewards $1,000 to students who submit winning essays on the questions provided. Eligible participants must be college or university students or high school seniors with an acceptance letter to join a college or university.


What do during your spare time?

I spend so much time working on strategies aimed at growing the company, with a special focus on enhancing customer service and fostering long-term growth. Outside the corridors of business, I enjoy cycling and jogging.


What is your favorite TV show?

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, which obviously ties me to business and trade-related television programs. One of my favorite TV shows is Shark Tank. I also get lots of inspiration from reading entrepreneurial books. My latest reads are “Speak and Get Results” by Sandy Linver and “10xRule” by Grant Cordon.


What can you look forward to in the future?

We ultimately look to grow the company outside our Northwestern mainstay. Besides the neighboring states, the Midwest and Texas seem like great frontier markets for our company. We currently have 7 stores, all located in the greater DC metropolitan area. To achieve short terms goals, I will continue to work with the marketing team, led by Preeti Joshi to explore the opportunities afforded by social media. I see lots of opportunities here to increase conversions and revenue. Our long-term strategy is to keep the prices low and ensure the quality of our service is never compromised.


What is your favorite thing about working in your industry?

I was inspired to start JMD Furniture by family members who shared a dream of making it in the US. The business idea itself came from our father, who operated a similar business. We saw this as an opportunity to ride on what he started. The “Jai Mata Di” concept helped us align our efforts to make the company the success that it is today.


What’s one piece of advice can you share with others?

Everywhere I go around the world, I see lots of opportunities and great fortune to be made in small business. It is unfortunate that most young people do not see the same thing. With the help of technology and business skills, small businesses can scale their services and endear themselves to their customers. You obviously need to put some thought to the idea. This can be achieved by reflecting and contemplating on all the issues quietly.


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