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John Crestani – Owner of Super Affiliate System

John Crestani is the owner of Super Affiliate System, a website that gives its users a comprehensive course in affiliate marketing. Regardless of skill level, Super Affiliate System has a lot of great training and taught courses that have proven results.

How did you get started in your career?

Well, when I was about 20 or so I found Internet marketing and realized pretty quickly two big things: one I was really good at it, and two, if I continued to get better I could ultimately make it my livelihood. My will to succeed and want to learn more and more continued to grow throughout the years. I finally got to the point where I realized I could work for myself and help others achieve the same success. I showed people they didn’t have to follow the mundane 9-5 model everyone else seems to be content with.

Super Affiliate System is just the latest venture I have built in order to show people the right and wrong things to do in regards to affiliate and Internet marketing. There are a lot of programs out there that aren’t helping their students. I wanted to make the ultimate training program to really help people prosper. So far it has been fantastic.

Describe a typical day?

I’ve actually had people ask me this question before, but a typical day does not exist in my line of work. This is especially true with Super Affiliate System. I spend a lot of time training and making sure the right resources are in place for people that I work with. I also have to make sure the program’s students are on the right track. Like any good teacher, I don’t just want to relay the lessons; I want to explain them so people can use them proactively.

How do you describe your leadership style?

That is an interesting question. I really just want to lead by example if anything. Doing the work and showing how it is done gets others into the same mindset pretty quickly. The most important part of “leadership” is having the right people around you, in order to help facilitate your own growth. If you choose the right team, everything becomes clearer and the people you “lead” will see that pretty clearly.

One prediction about the future?

I think that you will see younger, brighter minds taking to the entrepreneurial pathway, rather than the traditional college transitioning into a 9-5 job. With the way technology has given us the chance to pursue limitless opportunity, I think you will finally see more people taking control of their own future instead of having to rely on other to fulfill their dreams. It is an exciting time, regardless, for those coming up in the world. I am very anxious to see what innovations and breakthroughs come next!

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