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Joseph Horiuchi – Owner, Athletes Dojo

Joseph Chase Horiuchi, also known as Joey Horiuchi is an American half-Japanese, half-Irish model who currently resides in San Diego, CA.

He started a fitness company which has taken his attention and career away from the modeling. He has done mostly runway modeling for various fashion shows and brands, the biggest name brand being Ed Hardy. His professional modeling career started in Boston where he was discovered by a fashion show director walking along the street.

His mixed ethnicity and exotic look attracted the fashion show director to want him to audition for her show in which he quickly was hired.

We hope to see him focused back on modeling as he is very popular amongst the Asian demographic. He rejected a generous offer to be a fitness model in the Philippines because he wanted to stay close to family and focus on his fitness company, which he said was a difficult decision career-wise.

What’s your favorite TV Show and why?

My Favorite TV show is a tie between Seinfeld and Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is my favorite show because I believe it is perfect from beginning to end in every little detail.

I love Vince Gilligan meticulous attention to detail in writing the show and I love shows where you can root for the bad guy. Plus, Walter White is ironically Tim Whatley from my other favorite show Seinfeld; he’s Jerry’s dentist! I find his acting inspirational; to go from a comedic dentist extra to the most badass cartel killer in a matter of years.

Seinfeld is my favorite because no matter who you are, you can totally relate to some character in the show. Whether you are a celebrity comedian, a corporate desk worker, a mama’s boy, or never worked a day in your life we as human beings can all relate to their daily chaos.

Everybody has friends like George who’s a mama’s boy, like Elaine who’s a platonic friend of the opposite sex, like Kramer the sketchy unpredictable neighbor, and Jerry the one who always has it all. I like how they do not need to use dirty language or violence and still captivate a wide audience.

What do you do in your spare time?

Basketball, basketball, basketball. Whether it’s watching my NBA package (every game) or playing pick-up basketball at the gym, basketball fills my spare time. I recently have been getting into golf though; opposite, yes, but I’m hooked.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Always forgive, but never forget; all people make mistakes, but it shows their true colors when they do make their mistakes and you should learn to expect the same results in repeated situations.

What motivates you every day?

This is simple to me; every single day I wake up motivated by the haters. Haters are jealous and want to see me fall and I want to show them they can’t break me.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

My Biggest Pet Peeve is when someone doesn’t finish their bottle of water or bottle of Gatorade etc. then proceeds to open a new one.

It doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t finish their beer or wine that’s different as its alcohol and everyone should know their limits. I don’t care about unfinished alcoholic beverages “wounded soldiers,” but if you’re at my house for a barbecue and I give you a bottle of water, don’t leave it on the counter half-finished only to take and start a new one! Take it with you or finish it! Haha yes I’m weird but that’s wasteful!


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