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Joseph Parker – InventureX

InventureX is a company that is really taking off in the crowdfunding market. Plenty of entrepreneurs are finding a lot of success using crowdfunding, and InventureX helps every step of the way.

Joseph Parker, a Senior Marketing Coordinator at InventureX, has been a driving force behind the company success. We had a short amount of time to ask him a few questions about life outside of work.

You have a busy work schedule. What do you like to do in order to wind down?

I have really started to do a lot of meditation in the last few months. It helps me keep my mind right, and definitely helps with relaxation and sleeping.

I’m also someone who has always loved long walks when I have a lot on my mind. Not only do I get a little bit of exercise, but it helps me think about the big picture.

It can be tough eating healthy at work. How are you able to fight off bad habits?

Meal prep is definitely a very beneficial thing for me. Before I started to really meal prep on a consistent basis, I would eat out a lot for lunch. That led to some poor food choices, and some extra weight on my frame.

These days, I dictate what I eat throughout the week by doing meal prep. Not only is it healthier, but it helps save me some time in the end as well.

Have you tried anything recently that helps you live a healthy life?

A lot of people I know do yoga regularly. I finally decided to give it a shot, and I definitely see the benefits. I’m not sure how often I will be going, but it definitely seems like something I will be doing on a more regular basis as my schedule allows.

Are you currently listening to any music or podcasts while you are walking and doing yoga?

I’m not much into listening to music right now, but I have been listening to a few different podcasts throughout the day. The one I am really into right now is the Tim Ferris podcast. He provides some really interesting topics, And he is pretty easy to follow during each episode. Even if I have to pause things once in a while, I can pick right back up and not have to worry about missing anything.

Are you reading anything interesting right now?

My favorite book currently is Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. Just about everyone knows the author, and he certainly has some interesting books out. This one really stands out to me compared to the rest of his options.

I have always been a firm believer in reading as much as possible. Not enough people read these days, and it is one of the best ways to gain new information in any profession. I have been able to use some of what I have learned through books in my line of work.

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