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Joshua Salisbury – Kennesaw, GA

Joshua Salisbury has been appointed as a Senior Director at Bartow Street Capital, a subsidiary of Greenfield Advisors, since April 2016. Prior to that he was running his company— Salisbury Capital Markets—successfully since October 2012. Before that he served as managing director at DRI Capitalwhere he worked with the team to raise over $700 million for the acquisition of drug royalties.

We asked him several questions regarding his overriding principles when it comes to doing business, and the secret to his success.

What are Three Qualities that are the cornerstone of your success and what would you advise to our readers?

“Hard work, perseverance, and honesty.”  Not everybody is born rich so displaying these characterstics is a surefire way to gain success in life.  “I applied as a dishwasher in a nearby establishment to support myself. But I never made that as an excuse because I consistently earned high marks in class. In every transaction, I always seek to be honest and set realistic expectations. That’s better than lying to clients in order to get their business.”

In Business, as in Politics, It Is Said That There’s No Permanent Friends, Only Alliances. Do You Believe This?

There are necessary alliances to be sure, but trust is a very precious commodity in our business. In fact, among my business partners today were friends from way back—and you have to count 25 years plus—and we turn to each other for support. I try to connect with them anytime I can, not just if there’s business transaction but also to just to get updates on their personal lives.

Where Do You Attribute This Type of Attitude?

I come from a family that was broken. Divorce separated my parents when I was just two and it was a constant struggle for me and my mom. Our grandmother helped raise me and my twin brother in Durand, IL, which is a farm town of around 800 people. When I was nine, we moved to Rockford, IL. My modest background instilled in me the value of hard work, perseverance, and relationships. Indeed, I wouldn’t be here today if not for the help of virtual strangers who believed in me.

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