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Mahwish Ahmed – Patent Inventor

Mahwish Ahmed is a driven patent inventor from Irvine, California who is a self-starter who is both motivated and trustworthy. She is a determined individual who strives for perfection. Mahwish believes in people empowerment and respecting employees in every level of the organization, not a company’s profits. She thrives on challenges and problem solving opportunities and works well under stressful situations.

Mahwish grew up on the east coast and has moved across the country, she is currently living on the west coast. This experience has broadened her experience to adapt and learn about different cultures within the United States as well as different lifestyles.

What do you do in your spare time?

I do not have a lot of spare time due to travels, work, and family obligations. However, when I do have some free time, I try to catch up on favorite TV shows as well as watch Ted Talks online for my personal development.

When I am driving, I also like to listen to self-development books on tape. Self-development talks not only help me in my personal life but also professionally. I really enjoy exploring everything Irvine has to offer!

What’s the best advice you ever received?

It is OK to be scared of certain situations in life. Even if you make mistakes, reflect on what information you had or situation you were in that led to that decision which resulted in a mistake. Make sure you identify them and learn from each and every mistake. It is also okay to share them with family and friends to help them through their experiences in life.

What are your aspirations in life?

One of my aspirations in life would be to have the money and time to help others overcome life’s challenges and obstacles. Another one would be to help fund the research to find a cure for life threatening diseases and cut down health care costs by optimizing the current medical solutions.

What motivates you every day?

Knowing that my work impacts people’s lives motivates me to work long hours, and be excited to go to work each morning. Also, knowing that hard work pays off and is recognized motivates me to work even harder.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

In the work place, my biggest pet peeve is when people do not let you finish your thought or sentence before jumping in to provide an answer or defend their position. I find that disrespectful.

Outside of the work place, I have many pet peeves. I would have to say that one of my pet peeves is leftover food, garbage or drinks in parking lots of shopping centers. Also, people cutting lines in large crowds is another one of my pet peeves.

Mashwish Ahmed


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