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Mark Siffin Maefield Development

Mark Siffin is the CEO of Maefield Development a fully integrated, privatedly owned Real Estate Investment & Development company with a very diverse portfolio of properties with well known projects in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and San Francisco as well as many others throughout the United States. Siffin’s company Maefiled has over $9 Billion of properties that are either currently under development or in operations. Maefield has established key development positions in prime, extremely high barrier-to- entry markets with a portfolio of non-correlated assets: powerful value creating developments and cash flowing energy developments in the heart of the Permian Basin.

Describe a Day in the Life of Mark Siffin

My typical day is waking up after about 3-4 hours sleep and I proceed to adhere to a schedule that’s consistent and focused. I don’t drink or smoke, take any medications, I follow a vegetarian diet, I don’t socialize, I try and stay alone as much of the day as I can so I can stay with my thoughts and  minimize my contact with outside activities that might cause me to lose my focus. I drink green tea much of the day, sit at my desk and type memos, respond to demands of my banks as to what I’m doing with their money as well as the needs of the different obligations I’ve taken on, and I do this until I’m blurry eyed and then go to bed. I try and maintain a fit physique as the mind works best if the body is healthy. I weigh as much as when I was 15…although I didn’t have grey hair.

When Did you Start The Company & What Are Your Responsibilities?

The Maefield Development Platform family of companies is privately owned and was founded in 1991. I am responsible for the strategic direction of the company, overall management of the firm, the pursuit of new development opportunities, corporate acquisitions and financing activities across all business platforms.

What is one of Your Favorite Books that you would Recommend to our Readers?

The book I would recommend is Voltaire, Candid to remember the absurdities of life. I also love Victor Hugo. My life is overrun with obligations that I don’t read anymore…I don’t have the time to read. I’m trying to preserve my eyes for the act of painting.

Productivity and Habits are Keys to Success How do you Agree or Disagree?

The habit of mine that makes me more productive is a consistent application of discipline in my personal conduct. I don’t know what else one can look to because anything that happens, happens because of our actions, therefore, we are responsible for everything that happens and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. The manner in which we conduct ourselves is the essence of who we are.  Each choice we make in each moment we live defines ourselves and also defines what is and what will be because life is like a drawing without an eraser. You can’t take away any action, you can only add to the actions that you’ve made.

Any Advice to the younger Mark Siffin Default?

The advice I’d give to my younger self is that one should always be empathetic, thoughtful, take a step back before taking an action and consider the impact of the action one is on the verge of taking. That would be the primary advice I would give myself. Don’t be so quick to make a choice, once a choice is made, it’s made forever.

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