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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by Chad T.


Max Coleman, CEO And Founder, DaoCloud

Max Coleman is the CEO and Founder of DaoCloud, a new health and wellness centered social network focusing on connecting holistic practitioners with those needing their health and wellness questions answered.

Max was driven to create DaoCloud after experiencing his own issues with the traditional healthcare system growing up and as teen. Max experienced foot pain, that progressed to knee pain, and eventually back pain. After seeing what he thought were the most experienced doctors in their prospective fields, Max was left without answers and still in pain. He decided to take his health and wellness in his own hands and was driven to create DaoCloud.

DaoCloud features informative topics on health conditions ranging from leaky gut syndrome and brain fog, to yoga therapy and traditional Chinese Medicine. We recently sat down with Max to learn more about him and his work.

1) What are your favorite books?

My favorite book right now is the End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey. What I enjoy about this book is that it includes four steps to completely rewire your brain to reduce stress and its impacts on your life by using an evidence-based process. This book has had a profound impact on my life and the way I respond to stress.

2) What’s your favorite type of food?

I’m a huge fan of just quick, healthy food. I like that the food industry is including more fast-casual, healthy options. Whenever I’m in a pinch, I run into Whole Foods and grab a salad or a fresh, healthy protein bowl.

I also love Mediterranean food because it focuses on fresh, healthy proteins and low fat options.

3) Describe your typical day.

My day starts off very quiet. I don’t like loud music or noise in the mornings. I typically sneak in a quick morning meditation before starting my day. After my meditation, I try and work on a few things on my to-do list for the day before answering emails.

I notice by putting off emails until later, you reduce your stress in the morning and it allows me to be more productive out the gate. I also listen to podcasts while working on some of my daily tasks, as it provides me additional inspiration and motivation.

After work, I try to get in a quick run or workout session, just to relax and unwind. It’s a good chance for me to burn off any extra energy I may have. I enjoy reading before bed and usually try to go to bed early to ensure a full night’s rest.

4) What’s your favorite thing about working in your industry?

My favorite thing about my industry is being able to educate others on health and wellness. I love seeing people take their health into their own hands.

Too often, people are passed around from doctor to doctor without ever getting the answers they need. I like how I am able to help cut down on this by helping to  connect people straight to the source and help them find new ways to take control of their health.

5) What motivates you every day?

I am truly motivated by seeing people take control of their health and feel better about themselves. Hearing stories of how people lost 50 pounds by cutting out fast food, sugary snacks, and drinking more water each day inspires me.

I also love hearing about how people have more energy and are living a pain-free life thanks to focusing on their health. Even simple things, like people sleeping better, motivates me to continue to expand DaoCloud.

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