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Published on March 22nd, 2019 | by Five Hundo


Quinton C. Oswald Vero Beach Florida

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Quinton Charles Oswald a Florida resident who lives in the beach town of Vero Beach just a few hours north of Miami, Florida. Quinton as an entrepreneur who worked in the big pharma and biotech space for over 3 decades joined the startup life in 2009 and used his scientific skills to help commercialize and sell products.


Recently Quinton has worked on Notal Vision ,a cloud based telemedicine company driven by Artificial intelligence tools before retiring the end of last year in the retirement state of Florida. Most recently, he served as CEO of Neurotech and prior to that, CEO of SARcode Bioscience, where he was instrumental in the clinical development of lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5% (Xiidra™) for the treatment of dry eye disease, and its subsequent sale to Shire, PLC.

What is your most redeeming Quality

It’s certainly that I  am a humble person

What are Trends that are evolving that you see on the horizon?

Certainly excited about the move to home-based healthcare where patients are monitored for their disease remotely. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) , their remote monitoring devices monitor their condition and contact the doctor if treatment is required. Thus, it becomes the cornerstone of personalized medicine for the future.

If you could go back 50 years and speak to your younger self what would you tell the younger Quinton C. Oswald?

Spend more time studying and keeping one’s mind open to the ideas of others. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas.

When you have a vision or idea what does it take to make it happen in reality?

It’s important to ensure all options are considered before the strategic direction is agreed by the senior team. We have an annual ideation session where all ideas are examined and the best adopted for the following year strategy

It then becomes my job to enroll and excite the organization through frequent communication and appropriately times town hall meetings.

Once the strategy has been agreed then each senior team leader is assigned monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which are reviewed at monthly meetings

Key learnings:

  1. Learning is lifelong
  2. Never lose one’s zest or curiosity for/about life
  3. When you think you at the top of life’s curve, a new challenge is always presented
  4. Develop a healthy respect for others
  5. Rediscover God-he can be your best friend and advisor.


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