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Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown is a middle school assistant principal in Mansfield, Ohio. With a great deal of experience at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, Ronnie Brown Mansfield is a valuable part of his school district. He attended Miami University and began his educational career in an elementary school, teaching fifth-grade students and later on teaching math to sixth graders in a middle school. He was also involved in planning after-school programs and annual science fairs.

Ronnie Brown Columbus rose through the ranks in his career. He completed a master of science degree in educational leadership in 2003. Since 2005, he has been working in some capacity as a school administrator.

Along with his work in the classroom and in the office, Ronnie Brown has been a successful football, basketball, baseball and softball coach. He started out coaching high school varsity football in 1998. He coached several sports for several years at the high school level.  He was especially interested in making sure that his student-athletes continued to perform well in the classroom, designing a check-in system to track athletes’ classroom performance and help to remedy any problems. During his time as a head football coach he had many student athletes receive college scholarships. After working with high school athletes, he went on in 2004 to coach wide receivers at the college level for the next six football seasons.  It was at Ohio Dominican University where he helped coach the Panthers to a Mid States Football Association Championship and a Quarter Final appearance in the playoffs posting an 11-1 record.

Ronnie Brown is a skilled educator and administrator. His distinctive leadership style has led him to success in his field both as an administrator and as a coach. He will continue to contribute to his school’s environment and to ensure that each student receives the education he or she deserves.

What are some things that you love?

First and foremost, I love my family. Everything I do is with my family in mind. I love my children and being involved in their many activities. I have a strong bond with my community, and I have great respect for all of the educators and administrators I work with. I love to coach football and youth sports. Coaching gives me another way to influence a student’s life and to help him or her succeed on and off the field or court.

Away from work, I enjoy music, fishing and traveling.

What is your favorite TV show?

Reality singing competitions are my favorite. It shows the human side of a person’s drive to pursue their dreams, and the way the contestants back stories come together has always fascinated me. I grew up singing in talent shows so I appreciate the authenticity of their experience.

Describe your typical day.

I get up early and drive to work. I determine the daily schedule, prepare for class coverage needs, and then make myself visible when the students start arriving. I feel it is important for all students to see my face and hear “good morning”.  My greater mission is to check on my students’ well-being and noticing through that interaction if a student needs time to talk. I chat with teachers during this time as well.

During the school day, most of my time is spent visiting various classrooms.  I provide teachers with ‘Glow and Grow’ cards during these visits acknowledging great common practices and giving ideas for instruction or classroom management. I also spend time in the office dealing with calls from parents. I believe that parental involvement is crucial to student success.

If any adverse events occur during the day, my colleagues and I coordinate a response.

After school, I spend my time in meetings with faculty and administration.  I like to attend many of the school’s evening and weekend functions as well.  Some days I can arrive back home late afternoon or early evening and other days is it much later.

What is your favorite thing about working in your industry?

The highlight of being an administrator is seeing students grow and succeed. Often, all it takes for a student to achieve success is that teachers and administrators believe in them. I also take pride in running safe school environments for my students and faculty.

Being in education means long hours, but it’s such a rewarding career. It is possible to make a significant difference in students’ lives and influence the community as a whole. If you are considering a career in education, I would highly recommend it.

What was your first job?

When I graduated from Miami University, my first job was as a fifth-grade teacher. I had a great experience teaching younger children.  I have wonderful memories from working with fifth-graders. Their enthusiasm is catching.

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