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Published on September 4th, 2017 | by Chad T.


Ryan Andreas – Quantified Commerce

Ryan Andreas has been a lifelong Entrepreneur. He attended the Orfalea College of Business at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a focus on Entrepreneurship. During that time, he was also running several online businesses, a combination of which transformed his knowledge of advertising technology and digital innovation.

Today, Ryan resides in Miami, Florida and is one of two managing partners at Quantified Commerce, a digital advertising company that specializes in product creation from start to finish. He can regularly be found traveling to the international offices of Quantified Commerce.

Where were you born?

Santa Barbara, California

What’s your favorite T.V. show?

The Newsroom on HBO.  Something about that show just screams teamwork.  While their competition has to resort to underhanded tactics to stay afloat, their competent teams have an abundance of good fortune by recruiting qualified, high-caliber people who are always looking to learn more.  I wish it hadn’t ended – definitely one of my favorites!

What can you look forward to in the future?

Coming from a tech background, I always look forward to seeing how technology can solve real-world problems, especially in developing countries. We primarily deal with Southeast Asia so our teams (in US, SE Asia, and Eastern Europe) are constantly challenged to find innovative, lasting solutions to problems that simple do not exist elsewhere.

As an example, it has been amazing to see how far machine learning has come since we have incorporated it into some of our core processes that run our business today and that technology is only getting better. With more internet access in previously non-serviced regions, it is highly interesting to see how people can utilize their own know-how and technology to improve their communities along with how that applies to the bigger picture.

The growth of Quantified Commerce is something we’re all looking forward to as well.  We’ve recently started hiring on a big scale to assist with the planned growth of the company.   It’s something I’m overseeing and we’re all very excited to bring on new team members to join us at Quantified Commerce. To handle this growth we adopted a SCRUM approach, which has helped tremendously with avoiding growing pains typical of companies of our type.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since you started your career?

For whatever reason, I always used to have delegation issues and would enjoy doing each and every necessary task. This is something completely at odds with my inveterate want for everything to be scalable and efficient.

Credit goes to my business partner for breaking this mold for me – we have now been able to scale Quantified Commerce in a somewhat controlled manner to more than 140 team members in three countries and that number is growing every month.  Efficient delegation is critical to company health and success.

What’s one piece of advice you can share with others?

When I was younger, something I always use to think when starting a business was that once we got the final version, hiring, and processes in place, it sure will be nice to have it running itself. There is never a final version and if you ever think there is, you won’t be in business very long.

Iterative innovation is key to not only having fun in business and constantly learning new things but also proactively staying in business.

Updated 1/2/2019

Ryan Andreas is a managing partner at Quantified Media.


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