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Scott Groza – Co-Founder of Groza Learning Center

Scott Groza is a dedicated educator who co-founded the Groza Learning Center in 2006. Located in beautiful Pacific Palisades, California, Groza’s programs provide a highly personalized and student-centered approach to tutoring, test preparation, schooling and more, all of which is available in its state-of-the-art learning facility.

Throughout his many years of experience in the world of education, Groza has consistently displayed a deep commitment to assisting students as they strive to achieve the loftiest of academic goals.

What do you do in your spare time?

Having four young children means there are always many things to keep every moment of everyday exciting. We are fortunate to live in such close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, so we try to head to the beach as often as possible. Parks, walks, swims, and Legoland are high on the list of free-time activities.

What’s your favorite film?

For so many different reasons, I have developed a real appreciation for almost all of the Coen Brothers’ films. The cinematography and the music are always so well done, and there is so much depth to each narrative that I find myself captivated by their storytelling. I haven’t seen everything they’ve done quite yet, but I really enjoyed Bridge of Spies and Unbroken.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

One of my professors repeatedly reminded me that there are so many factors that can have an adverse effect on achievement. She often pointed out her belief that students really need to have an individualized experience if they are going to reach their full academic potential, so I have dedicated my professional career to making sure that students have access to that kind of academic individualization.

What’s your favorite thing about working in your industry?

We have the wonderful opportunity to teach so many hard-working students who are so deeply motivated to succeed throughout their entire academic career. Working with these students on a daily basis and then seeing how much progress they are able to make is incredibly rewarding and brings me a great deal of joy. Any time a student reaches a goal — whether it’s a test score, acceptance to an ideal university or even just understanding a difficult concept — I simply feel so grateful for my career in education.

What motivates you every day?

Our students rely on all of the teachers and staff at the learning center to do everything we possibly can when it comes to helping them meet their academic goals, so I am motivated by the knowledge that my hard work is going to be of benefit to a student who feels the same way about education as I do. Ultimately, our goal is to show students that learning ought to be enjoyable and should be a rewarding pursuit that lasts a lifetime. Knowing that we have the opportunity every day to instill that love of learning while helping our students reach all of their academic goals is more than enough to get me motivated and excited about what goes on every day at Groza.

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