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Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk

Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk is a widely acclaimed professional travel blogger. He has been to several countries in Europe and plans to visit more countries in the Far East. The next destinations in his sight include India, Japan, UAE and China. For his assignment, Stepaniuk will take stock of culture and visit must see attractions like mausoleums, palaces and breathtaking landscapes. His travels around the world are sponsored by various visitor bureaus and corporate entities. Depending on the nature of the assignment, Stepaniuk usually travels alone or in the company of friends. Stapaniuk’s other hobbies include photography, learning new languages and cooking.

He speaks several languages and is currently learning Esperanto, a popular auxiliary language specially developed to make international communication fun and easy. International travels have done a lot to fuel Stepanuik’s interest in cooking. With this amazing hobby, he has sampled several cuisines on the road, from Western Europe’s Haute and Nouvele cuisines to spice rich Indian cuisines and much more. Photography is an important component of travel blogging, and Stepaniuk has invested a lot of resources to stay ahead of the curve. Photography allows Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk to capture lasting memories and share them with people he cares about.

What are your favorite books?

Unlike travel blogs, the travel books often take a deeper look at the various travel destinations, thereby leaving a well-rounded picture in the mind of the reader. Besides the knowledge and inspiration, reading helps me pass the time, while travelling on public trains, buses and commercial planes. I have read several captivating travel books, which I am glad to share.

My favorites include “The Backpacker” by John Harris, “Eat Pray Eat” by Michael Booth and the latest title “A beginner’s Guide to Paradise” by Alex Sheshunoff. The Backpacker discusses the intrigues of backpacking around Southeast Asia while Alex Sheshunoff bestselling experiential guide offers valuable lessons on overseas family travel and adventure.

What’s your favorite film?

I often enjoy watching films that open my mind new discourses. Sometime in 2016, I made a list of favorite travel movies. Topping my list is the 2002 movie “Whale Rider”, which chronicles the life of a young girl in the remote Maori village in New Zealand. The eye-opening family drama brings out crucial information about the Maori culture and evokes both sympathy and wonderment.

Being a long-term traveler, who is constantly in motion, I also enjoyed watching the film “Up in the Air”. In the film, lead actor George Clooney is caught between a rock and a hard place when a new hire and a love interest gets in the way of his career. The 2009 comedy drama was a huge success in the box office since it captured the imagination of a wide audience.

What are your aspirations in life?

The answer to this question lingered in my mind for a long time. Once I figured that wanted to travel and tell my story, I went all out and have never looked back. With the decision firmly made, I managed to build a fun and blossoming career. Over the course of work, I have made many friends and interacted with interesting people, who share the same aspirations as mine. I have already been to several European countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy and Greece. Beginning in 2019; I plan to visit more countries in the Far East, South America and Africa.

What is your favorite thing about working in your industry?

Travel blogging is a huge industry, one that has given me the freedom to move around the world and share my enlightenment. I usually keep myself focused by thinking differently and reading books on various topics of interest, including politics, culture and travel. Readers and brands are especially attracted to my independent opinions and writing prowess on various issues. Other than giving first-hand accounts and insights, the decision to be forthright is informed by the fact that readers and brands want unbiased content that they can relate with.

What motivates you to go out every day?

Staying motivated is crucial in the travel blogging industry because frustrations can easily get in your way and cloud one’s vision. Seeing my peers grow and succeed in the industry inspires me greatly. I also get a lot of support and encouragement from family and other travelers with similar interest. Although nothing beats the excitement of planning and going on a trip, I always make it a point to research the places I go ahead of time to get the most out of the trips I have scheduled.


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