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Published on December 22nd, 2018 | by Five Hundo


Stephen Armaly Miami Florida

Stephen Armaly is the Vice President of Business Development at First National Bank of South Miami. First National is notable in the Miami-Dade county region as the most successful community bank in South Florida. 

While having the pleasure of interviewing Stephen we learned that persistence is the key to his success with the bank and not taking No for an answer has lead the South Florida native to be one of the top employees at First National.

Tell us About a Charity You Are Working on?

I am President of Children’s Resources, a 501 c3 charity, I have been proud to receive great satisfaction in helping children with disabilities. Doing fulfilling work that helps those less fortunate is a passion of mine.

What is something you hope to see change with over the next year?

Right now our country is extremely divided and it’s sad. Myself and the majority of others would like to see our country come together as one again and not be so divided.

Do you have a favorite book to recommend to our readers?

The book  “Who Moved my Cheese?”. The book details amazing ways on how to deal with change in your work and personal life.

Thank you to Miami, Florida native Stephen Armaly for granting us an interview with

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