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Want to share your entrepreneurial story with the world? Now you can! Submitting your interview on FiveHundo can:

  • Help promote your business and your business’ social media accounts
  • Provide excellent PR for you and your business

How Can I Get Started?

The directions are simple. Simply pick and choose six questions from our questions bank and answer them as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Keep in mind, the point of FiveHundo is to share interviews at 500 words or less, so content may be edited to accommodate these needs.

Other Guidelines:

  • Content must be 100% unique. Do not use content that has already been published or we will not post the interview.
  • Keep the word count at or under 500 words. Longer interviews may be shortened to accommodate length.
  • Although optional, it would help us and give your business excellent exposure if you share your business’ social media accounts.
  • Please share a link in the bottom section with a picture (Photo size of 620×350) we can use for your interview.


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