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Website Design Tips For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs running their own small businesses often shoulder the task of developing a company website, so you’ll need to know a few basic things about web design to make a good impression online.  

Now that you live in the age of technology, you don’t have to know everything about designing a website to craft something good.  There are thousands of templates available online to get you started.  

Take a look at a few elements of your website design that mean the most in terms of finding success, and begin taking steps towards launching your website now. 

Visibility is essential 

If you want your website to matter online you have to add elements to your design that make it more visible to your target users.  The best way to make your website more visible to your target audience is to learn to incorporate the concepts of SEO within your design. 

Search engine optimization is geared towards leading designers to cater to the search engine sorting algorithms.  Once you learn how to give the algorithms what they need to see to properly index your pages, your website will gain more exposure.  

Movement is simple 

A great business website is one that makes it easy for users to fall into exploring what you have to offer.  If you want users to spend time checking out all the various pages of your site, then you need to have a simple method of movement.  

The most familiar setup to users is the stationary navigation bar.  This assisted living facility website shows a simple navigation bar in action.  When you land on a website, you want to instinctively know how to move around the pages of the site you’re exploring.  

Communication is encouraged

Your website should stir up conversation, and you need to provide elements that encourage people to communicate.  You likely already plan to have a contact page, but there’s more to thorough communication than the contents of your contact page. 

Add a phone number to the homepage for quick access.  Add a comment box to your blog posts, and craft a simple email signup form to help build your email mailing list.  

Mobile optimization is vital 

Mobile web users will be the most prevalent visitor to your website, as mobile access is the number one way people use the internet today.  Research what really matters in the realm of mobile optimization, and apply what you’ve learned for a more versatile build.  

Social media is sharable

Social media sharing is a quick way to gain a little visibility for your business online.  Add sharing icons throughout your site design to make it easy for users to share their interesting find with friends and family.

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