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What Changes Have You Made to Your Blog Content in 2022

Can you believe companies are still writing blog posts in 2022? Because, I may not have expected it 10 years ago, but I still see the benefit of writing quality blog posts in 2022 and I know others do as well. Companies are spending a ton of time and money on trying to put together original and unique content and it is being used in a number of ways, including social media content, podcasts, email marketing campaigns, and so much more.

So what type of content are people pushing out in 2022 and has it changed at all in recent years? Well that’s the million-dollar question isn’t it. In order to get a feel for what type of blog content is being created these days, I asked some experts and compiled some of the insight below:

(1) Obviously, SEO is important

The main reason why blog content is still as popular as ever is mainly because of the benefits you receive from new content for your SEO strategies, which is a huge driver of traffic. SEO can completely change the way your business runs and a quality SEO strategy can be the investment (of time and money) that takes you to the next level, says Chris Trembath, the CMO of Dynamic Gift Australia.

“SEO continues to evolve and Google’s algorithm is different than it was a few years ago, but the impact it can provide on a company has never been bigger. It’s more important than any other marketing strategy available to you today but is also something you must dedicate yourself to in the long term,” Trembath continued.

(2) Complement your articles with images & graphics

Blog articles aren’t just about text. In fact they should include images, videos, graphics, and whatever else you feel might complement the content, says James Parsons, the Founder of Content Powered.

“Not only can these images make your content more compelling to readers, but they can actually improve your SEO, believe it or not. In general, anything you can add that will take things to the next level is a good idea when creating your content.”

(3) Write about content that is unique and interesting

Ali Sapra of The Elite Post writes about celebrity news and answers the questions that the public have about the most popular people in the world. He understands his audience and gives them the content they want, which is a big part of running a successful blog in 2022. This is exactly what Sapra answered with when we asked him about the blog content that is most effective.

“It all starts with the content and the type of information you can provide your audience. Without content that they want to read, you’ve got nothing, so figuring out the direction you want to take is step one. Figure out your niche and go all in on it. Once you’ve found the content that does well for you, publish as much as you can on that niche so your audience can begin to depend on you for this type of coverage. That’s when you’ll really find the success that you have been hoping for.”

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