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What Is A Master Key And Why Should I Get One For My Business?

If you run a business, you know that there’s a lot more that you need to take care of other than increasing your ROI and maintaining your product/service quality. As a business owner, you are also responsible for the security of your office and the security of your employees. It’s a lot of work on your plate but there’s no other way to do it but to take complete responsibility. 

When it comes to securing your office and your assets, you shouldn’t ever overlook the importance of a secure and effective locking mechanism. Having CCTV cameras and burglar alarms is great but your basic line of defense must be strong first. Now as your business grows, the number of doors, rooms and personnel will increase too. You cannot just carry a huge ring of keys to all these doors in your pocket all the time as it will be very inconvenient. Luckily, opting for a master key system will save you here. 

What Is A Master Key System? 

A master key system comes with different levels of keys where you get restricted or complete access to your office. In simpler words, you’ll be able to unlock all the doors of your building with just one or two keys. 

This system will benefit you in two main ways; 

-Reducing the circulation of keys among your staff members 

-You’ll have to carry a single key for multi-level access

There are four levels of a master key system; 

1-Great grandmaster key 

With the great grandmaster key you can have the access to all the sections of your business and all the doors. This key is specifically for the CEO or the owner of the business. 

2-Grandmaster key 

One step down, the grandmaster key allows you to have access to restricted areas of your business. Usually the managing director of the company owns this key. 

3-Master key 

The master key also gives you access to some areas of your business but with it, you can lock or unlock the change key locks that come under it. For example, the CFO usually has the master key that unlocks the business safe or the room where there are financial records. 

How To Shift To A Master Key? 

If you want to secure your business and have some peace of mind regarding the security of your building then shifting to the master key system is just the right move. For this you can opt for a locksmith Brooklyn as the experts can easily help you with the shift. You can discuss your security requirements and concerns with the locksmith before getting the master key. 

Benefits Of A Master Key System

This is one of the most affordable and effective solutions for you to secure your business. Here are some benefits that might convince you to shift to the master key system;


It can be very confusing and stressful to have different keys for different doors in your building. Having a master key means that you would just have to carry a single key that will give you the access to all the locks or some restricted locks depending on the hierarchy. 

2-Increased Security 

Having the peace of mind regarding the security of your business is just priceless. With a master key system, you can easily follow a  key distribution hierarchy. For example, if you want your employees to just have access to the employee area, you can make that happen with a master key. All the other areas of your building will be secure.

3-Easy Tracking 

You’ll be able to keep a track of your keys and who has the access to different sections of your building. 

With all these benefits of a master key system in view, it’s clear that this is the kind of investment you should consider for your business. If so, don’t wait any further and call a locksmith right away to secure your building and your assets in a better way.

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