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Published on November 9th, 2020 | by David Jackson


Why Facility Management Should Sign Up for a Locksmith Plan?

Are you working in a large facility or a multi-building corporation? In case, you’re then you understand how important it is for you to make sure the security of the place is uptight. It’s not just for the facility itself, but it is also for your personal belongings. While such large corporations and facilities have the best security cameras installed and have the latest alarm systems, the first line of defense for these places are still the doors. Hence, you must make sure the doors of your premises are well kept and fully secured. To ensure the doors at your facility are well secure, you need to ensure they have the best locks installed. Do you work at a large facility or a multi-building corporation? or Does the security of the place come under your department? Hiring a trusted locksmith in your area can be a great way to future proof your facility.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider investing your budget in a locksmith for facility protection.

Are the Locks at your Facility Becoming Old & Worn Out? 

One of the reasons why you should consider getting the best locks installed at your facility is because the locks at your premises might be outdated or becoming old and worn out. If that’s the case, then perhaps that’s the best reason why you should invest in a locksmith. When you call a professional locksmith, he will perform a thorough survey of your facility and ensure the locks installed are of the best quality.

Opting-in for a modern lock solution has its own increasing benefits. Because of their complex locking mechanisms, you can’t easily break into the premises. It keeps your locks safe from lock bumping & lock picking scenarios. Also, when you install modern lock solutions, you remain safe from other similar issues such as employees making duplicate keys and keeping them on themselves without knowledge.

So whether you’re moving to a new facility or your existing facility has old & outdated locks, then it’s best you hire one of the professional locksmiths to help you install some of the best locks at your facility.

If You Can’t Afford Complete Lock Installation

We understand that facilities are expansive and they may have plenty of doors around. Now, if you opt-in for replacing all the locks and getting new keys for each and everyone of them, it can cost you an arm & leg. Unless your locks are not old and worn-out and have started to break, there’s no particular need of getting them replaced. You may wonder what options are you left with? How about you consider getting the locks at your premises rekeyed.

Whether you forgot to collect back the keys from a janitor whom you just removed from the company, or you forgot to take back the keys from a retired security guard, if you want to make sure your premises stays well secured, get yourself a locksmith who can rekey your locks so they may work on new keys.

You Need a Master Key to Operate All Your Workplace Locks

Do you have a lot of employees working at your facility? It’s essential that you have a master key lock system in place at your facility. What if there’s an emergency in one of the buildings which you own, and the person responsible for resolving the problem is not available to assist? The only option with which you are left with is to go to the premises yourself and do whatever you can to resolve that emergency.

What if the doors at the premises are locked and you don’t have anyone to open the doors for you?

The only best option you’re left with is to open the locked door using a master key.

What if Your Business Needs Additional Keys?

Last but not the least, if you want additional keys for your premises, a locksmith can be your best bet. A lock specialist has just the tools to create multiple additional keys which you can distribute to your employees. For instance, if you have a number of janitors working at your premises or you have security guards operating in the same building, hire a locksmith to get you duplicate keys.

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