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Yashika Archer

Yashika Archer is a young 22 year old Tennis player who is a member of the United States Tennis Association. She started to play competitievely at the age of 16 and is working on becomming a professional tennis player. She is originally from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and has played in 15 tournaments placing in the top three in six out of the fifteen over the course of the last six years.

What is your Favorite Film and Why?

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Science fiction is a big thing to keep me occupied while I’m not training and working out. It’s important to me to have some down time and relaxation because when I’m at the gym training or on the court it’s a 100% focus and no frills type of activity. When I’m at home watching Rogue One I’m spacing out and enjoying the fact that I can relax without having to be so lasered focus.

What Got You Into Tennis?

I used to play at the local YMCA as a youth. I never chose tennis but rather my parents chose it for me. They said you’re going to play a sport to keep yourself out of trouble and you will play this game until you are a professional or that it keeps you out of trouble with the after school kids. I’m striving to become a professional and to make my parents proud and enjoy playing so it’s been a win-win activity regardless of the final outcome.

What Would you like to do if you didn’t play Sports?

Biology and oceanography really intrigues me. To think we all came from the ocean and life started there is amazing. When you look at Tsunamis and the affect that flooding can have you start to realize the harnessing power that comes from our Oceans. We’re 80% made of water and we live off of the fish and plants that are derived from the ocean so why not learn more about mother nature.

Favorite City in the World?

Well Fort Washington is home and I love Prince Georges, County Maryland but Washington, D.C. our nations capitol is the best city in the world. We are rich in diversity, architecture, culture, food, and are blessed to have 4 beautiful seasons all mild in one respect or another. While I have to go and play indoor tennis in the winter time and that actually helped me to diversify my game and focus on training to play in different environments something I feel California players don’t tend to encounter. Every visitor to America should stop in and visit DC and experience it for all of its beauty.


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